Pathfinder Registration

Requirements for Club Membership

    1. Ten to fifteen years is the official age for Pathfinder Membership

    2. Club activities include but not limited to: crafts, outings, regular club meetings and fund raising campaigns. The Pathfinder must agree before joining the club to participate.

    4. Members must be faithful in attendance

    5. The Pathfinder’s parents must be willing to cooperate with the regulations and activities of the club

    6. All members pay club dues on a weekly basis. Membership fee to be fully paid no later than December 1, 2018.

    7. Each Pathfinder should own and regularly wear a complete Pathfinder uniform

    8. Pathfinders are expected to obey all regulations, instructions and orders of the Pathfinder staff

    9. Club members must be willing to participate and cooperate in all Conference events, such as Camporees and Fairs.



    We have read the Pathfinder Pledge and Law and are willing and desirous that the applicant become a Pathfinder. We will assist the applicant in observing the rules of the Pathfinder Club. In consideration of the benefits derived from the membership, we hereby voluntarily waive any claims against the Club, Forest City SDA Church or Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists of any accidents which may arise in connection with the activities of the Pathfinder Club. As the parents, we understand that the Pathfinder Club program is an active one for the applicant. It includes many opportunities of service, adventure and fun.

    As a parent I will cooperate:

    1. By learning how we can assist the applicant and his leaders
    2. By encouraging the applicant to take an active part in all activities
    3. By attending events to which parents are invited
    4. By bringing the applicant to meetings on time and picking them up on time
    5. By assisting club leaders and by serving as leaders if called upon.

    By signing the yearly registration below, you are giving permission

    to become member of Forest City SDA Pathfinder Club

    Yearly Registration

      ID Year Registration Pathfinder Name Regristration Type Transfer from Pathfinder Signature Pathfinder Signature date Parent Signature Parent Signaure Date